Monday, 24 February 2014

This picture was sent to the communist youth organization "Die Josefjugend (JJ)" together with the following message: “Can we count on all members? Let’s go forward with the genocide – NOW!”

The picture was originally published on the Facebook page of the "Die Antifa e.V.", and it was deleted shortly after. It was thanks to attentive net users that this filth could be secured.



UPDATE!!! The piece of news has "mysteriously" disappeared from the website, so here is a snapshot of it:



Anonymous said...

Sick!! The awfull part is that most germans agree.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I for being a german hate those stupid idiots. Left-facists that they re.

Anonymous said...

Hither said this would happen

Gem Junior said...

Sickening. It shows that should the leftists ever gain a foothold over us, they will be far more brutal than any white ever was. It would be frightening, but I am not afraid because my anger has gone past fear. I am only waiting for a reason.

Anonymous said...

THese people are evil and insane to advacate the rape and genocide of your own people!? In the old day's they would be hang for treason.

Diversity Macht Frei


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