Thursday, 22 November 2012

This is one of those stories so crazy that you think it must be an April fool. But no. It's real.
All the Sefardis, descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492, will be able to acquire Spanish nationality automatically, wherever they live provided that they verify their status, either by surnames, language, descent or link to Spanish customs and culture.
Source: El País

In itself, this might not be so bad. Jews have made enormous positive contributions to European civilisation, although it's regrettably true that they seem to be disproportionately involved in maintaining the intellectual infrastructure of the multicult, even if I don't buy the idea that's it's all a big Jewish conspiracy, as many commenters here continually allege.

But the criteria listed are way too vague to be comfortable with. Surnames? Link to Spanish culture or customs? Remember that we're talking about five centuries here. Many of the Jews who left Spain went to Islamic countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The system of dhimmitude is partly designed to produce a slow corrosion of a non-Muslim people's integrity, resulting in a continuous flow of conversions to Islam. So those who were Jews five centuries ago might well be islamised now, either through having been culturally assimilated to Islamic norms or having converted outright. And does anyone really think it's beyond the wiles of a Moroccan Muslim to claim Sefardic roots, knowing how adept they are at defrauding our existing systems?

It gets worse, though, when you hear what was said when the measure was being announced.
The Minister for External Affairs and Cooperation, for his part, has made it clear that this measure is aimed at making the process for granting nationality more flexible and recalled the historic links of the Jewish and Muslim people with Spain. "Our relations have never been interrupted, they have never been forgotten, they have been all the more intense the more tolerant, the more interested in dialogue and the more democratic Spain has been", he declared.

Another of the objectives of the directive is, according to Margallo, "to recover the memory of the Spain silenced for so long" and finish the journey "to the land of liberty" of the Spaniards who "year for Sefarad" and live in the diaspora.

For Gallardón, this directive is the "re-encounter" and is going to be directed at all "those who were unjustly deprived of their nationality and recreated through affection a Spain to whose loss they never resigned themselves and which, from now on, is as much theirs as ours, as far as rights are concerned".

...Just as 31 March 1492, date of the signature of the edict of expulsion of the Jews of Castilla and Aragón, was, according to Querub, a day of darkness and obscurity, the legal provision "of return" announced today will ensure that this day "passes into history as a day of clear blue sky and intense light for Spain".

Of course the notion of anything like "nationality" in the modern sense existing in the 15th century is ludicrous. And now that they have granted this measure to Jews, we can expect to hear continuous demands for "equal treatment" for Muslims. Judging by the remarks above, Spain's ruling caste (and let's not forget it is the nominally conservative party that is in office) will be disposed to grant them.


Anonymous said...

Spain is already mired in debt. Riots are an ongoing feature of life. With millions of Muslims coming to Spain, and clamping on to the Welfare teat, it is quite likely that Spain will collapse. The Spanish will then be looking for a party apart from the usual suspects. Like Greece, such parties will rise when the time is right.

So the "Jews" who are stupid enough to return to Spain after an absence of 500 years, will have to flee again.


Anonymous said...

Not only the jews... but noticed thats the main concern here...


sheik yer'mami said...

The Jews won't be cuing up anytime soon.

And the Mustards will demand to be treated 'equally'- under the law.

Buenos noches, Espangna!

Anonymous said...

Where Islam and Jews spreads, freedom and everything else of value dies

Anonymous said...

This is off-topic but I thought you folks should check this out: in multiculturally enriched Sweden, a homosexual drama teacher who was the best qualified applicant for a teaching job wasn't hired because the "immigrants" would have a problem with a homosexual teacher. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

An attack on English football fans in Italy yesterday that left 11 injured may have been racially motivated.
Witnesses claim there were shouts of ‘Jews’ when up 50 Italian hooligans descended on the Campo de Fiori square in Rome to confront their Tottenham Hotspur rivals.
The Lazio fans at the Europa League fixture in Rome last night sang anti-semitic chants, including ‘Juden Tottenham’, using the German word for Jew. They also unveiled a banner reading ‘Free Palestine’.


Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous. 500 years have passed and all the people involved have died. How can Spanish authorities verify who is eligible for citizenship? And whats the point of giving citizenship to the ancestors of expelled jews? Maybe the Spanish state should also give automatic citizenship to all people of spanish descent in America who are tens of millions...

Anonymous said...

Spain imported millions of immigrants as cheap labor (including thousands of north africans muslims) for the construction boom which collapsed after the burst of the real estate boom, now spanish economy is very bad and Spain has many immigrants on the dole.

Anonymous said...

I want to see ancestry visas for all the Irish and Scots in NZ Australia and USA. In fact every European in the world should have European citizenship. Lets look at the Sephardi Jews. Lived in Spain since before Christ in some degree. They welcomed the arab invasions. There is a record of them helping the Muslims take Narbonne. There is record of them helping the muslims when they guarded Cordoba so the muslim army could move on. Jews were also involved in the slave trade in Barbary. So really the history comes down to them siding with the muslims. A lot of the Spehardim are already in Europe or in Israel. There would be a few hundred in the arab world. If however there is a call for the revoking of the muslim expulsion then Spanish people need to overthrow their government. I believe Morrocco owes Europe millions due to the slave raids.

Anonymous said...

Why? what is the real reason for this change of heart? when the jews were spelled from spain all of their valuable possesions were confiscated, are these properties giving back to the jews people? Answer from the ones interested?

Anonymous said...

After 500 years?... you need the money? No one is supposed to bail you out so don't count on the ones you already expelled 500 years ago. Look for Cristobal Colon he has it! go and get it from him. He discovered were to get the gold force his religion and believes on others and now if you want more? work,and give back the gold. Finally who wants to be there? Your history is made by the ones you'd expelled and masacred, history is the pain from the ones you sacrified and murdered.

Anonymous said...

Spanish citizenship? No kidding! Are the spaniards giving back all the money they took from the very people they expelled 500 yrs ago and now want them back? Don't they have enough from the new emmigrants they have NOW with a very low pay and humilliations?
Hey you have missing tooh !

Anonymous said...

In the 1960's anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open the borders to massive non-white immigration. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to "integrate" or face consequences for being "naziswhowantokill6millionjews." Now these anti-whites are calculating and praising the day when ALL and ONLY white children will be minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. It's Genocide. "Anti-racist" is a codeword for anti-white.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4 December 2012 14:01
Are the JEWS pay For hundreds of years THAT the Spanish people were preyed on by the Arab invaders - terrorised, enslaved, raped and murdered - while the Jews flourished alongside their fellow Semites, often acting as their administrators.



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