Monday, 20 February 2012

Mohammedans have been attacking more churches in France. Above you can see graffiti sprayed on a church wall in Escaudain. It says "Fuck France", "Fuck FN" [Front National], "Sarko we fuck you", "Death to the Pigs", "Morocco Power!" The AFP reported this incident, mentioning only the anti-Sarko and anti-FN tags, completely leaving out the anti-French and pro-Moroccan messages.

Another church in Épiais, dating from the 16th century, was robbed and then burned. The perpetrators were also responsible for a series of recent burglaries in the area. They have been arrested but no details about their identity have been released. So we don't know definitively that these were Muslims but I find hard to believe otherwise.

Before Muslims

After Muslims



DP111 said...

What has been happening in Muslim countries - the burning of churches and killing of Infidels, has now started in France.

All predictable and predicted since 9/11 and before.

DP111 said...

France: 'Suburbs becoming Muslim land', says journalist

Adler said the violence in the banlieues can't be explained only as social problems, and that it's due to the Muslim doctrine that wherever Islam spreads is Muslim land. The banlieues can be compared to the Muslim areas of India, which eventually seceded and became Pakistan and Bangladesh.

French people were evicted from Algeria, Morocco etc, so why should Muslims be allowed to live in France?

Maria José said...

Immigrant firefighters hired 'to stop attacks'

The Swedish fire service is looking to hire more personnel with a foreign background in order to increase safety for fire fighters in big city areas, according to a report by Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT)

Anonymous said...

When names, including those of family members to the 7th degree, are not revealed, you needn't doubt about the origin of the perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

what are Europeans waiting for? To be rounded up and murdered en masse? It's way WAY past time for an armed revolt against the enablers and their muhammedan proteges.

DP111 said...

Succinct list of what Muslims are allowed

Muslims are allowed to kill non-Muslims, especially Jews, with impunity, and that under sharia law, which the whole world must submit to when these warriors for Muhammed are in power, non-Muslims are second-class citizens completely at the mercy of Muslims) honour killing (any Muslim is allowed to kill his children or family members if he feels they have brought dishonour on the family or disrespected Islam) murder of gays (homosexuals are hanged from cranes in Iran and frequently killed by their families in all Muslim countries just for being gay) stoning to death for adultery (In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other islamist countries, women who have been raped are frequently imprisoned, sometimes executed, for “committing adultery)” institutionalized pedophilia (according to the Koran, a man can marry a nine-year old girl; recently in Somalia, imams were out in force defending a law that says that anybody can ‘marry’ girls as young as one year old, saying the Koran allowed them to do so) – yes, the dreary list goes on and on.

What the hell are our political elite waiting for?

Anonymous said...

When are we going to wake up againts the musslims,and fight for what we beleave in.if it was us and we burned there mosque,there would be up roar.its like the musslims can get away with everything

Anonymous said...

When the Europeans react, the political elites will probably be surprised. Sooner or later it must happen. No people can sit and watch invasion and do nothing to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Norwegian church totally damaged last weekend

It turns out children had set it on fire, playing with fire "underneath the church", so the police have decided to speak to the children's parents.

"Not yet teenagers", according to the police.

What kind of children, not yet teenagers, stay in the basement of a church on a Saturday night playing with fire?

Anonymous said...

- This is God speaking

- In an effort to convince potential thieves not to steal from the church St Nicholas in the Buckinghamshire village of Great Kimble, loud speakers have been provided with a message

Anonymous said...

It is about time non muslims of Europe and else where to wake up and sort the mess the politicians have created for us,by allowing too many muslims into our countries.Europe,UK and Americas must adopt one child policy like in China.Period.Google 'muslim demography'

Anonymous said...

Time to wake up or else we will be doomed for good. see and

Anonymous said...

indigenous defence league

We have been trying to wake them up for 2/1/2yrs in the UK it's very frustrating there must be somthing in the water!

Anonymous said...

you have all been sold out by your governments. the plan was to destroy your nations and make europe one big socialist country with one government. all you have to do is look at how the media, the un eu treat israel. it may not be a perfect country but it's nowhere near as barbaric as it's neighbours yet look at the distorted facts presented about it.
to appease your future masters. the caliphate is coming.

Anonymous said...

Planet of the apes. What an enlightened vision. Wtf?!

Anonymous said...

It's about money. When the so called politicians and elites can see more money is to be realized from clearing the muslim vermin from the parts of the earth inhabited by the greater mass of humanity then .........islam wil be smashed in short order. Unfortunately..............

Al said...

Soon the borders will be closed around the world ,these Muslims will all be rounded up to face their crimes against humanity. Send them all back home and let them destroy their homes as they have done for 3000 years. They obviously have no respect for themselves or others.

Anonymous said...

The Governments of Europe want/need immigration so they can pay for their aging population but this is the absolute worst way to do it.
Big mistakes being made by politicians.
The best ways are to pay their own citizens a baby bonus, free invitro and big investments in longevity drugs. This is how Australia turned a negative birth rate into a positive, the only country to successfully do so. They also stopped the boats with their Navy and Coast Guard only one single boat has made it through for years from about 4,000 per month before most Muslims.

Diversity Macht Frei


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